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Many recruitment companies provide skills testing but few recruitment companies offer motivation evaluation! NO ONE offers evaluations to determine the fit between an associate's preferences and client's work environment! Xpert is Magnum's exclusive, leading-edge testing, training and matching system.

Candidates can be assessed using our unique method which is designed to measure and evaluate the suitability of an individual for a particular vacancy.

Xpert's evaluations are based on 4 DIMENSIONS OF A CANDIDATE

  • Personal Environment

  • CAN DO - Measures skills and qualifications.

  • WILL DO - Measures work attitude and motivation.

  • WILL FIT - Compares associate's preferences and capacity to fit into the team.


Xpert allows us to evaluate the jobseekers' skills and their ability to use a particular package. For Example : candidates can be tested on basic arithmetic, reading comprehension, proof reading, full range of Microsoft products including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc

The system also allows Magnum staff the flexibility to customize assessments according to the specific requirements of each client eg knowledge of data entry screen, or we can devise specific questions related to the client's industry to evaluate jobseekers' knowledge and understanding i.e. medical, banking or legal terminology.

Benefits of Xpert

Xpert evaluations address the whole person, providing additional information on a candidate's potential and motivation.

This allows us to fully understand the associate's preferences and to coach for better performance. Considering motivation and fit creates a more productive applicant. Motivated people work better!!!!!!


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