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We offer domestic and international placements in all industries and in all disciplines. Our areas of focus are:

  • Senior Management

  • Middle Management

  • Junior Management

  • Executive/office cadre recruitments including technical staff.

Finding the right employee is a costly and time consuming process but expert help is at hand.


Specialist staffing needs may be handled more effectively by outsourcing the full employment function to Magnum Consultants. In cases like these, the staff member is taken onto Magnum's payroll while working on the client's premises and all labor relations requirements for the outsourced staff member are handled by Magnum specialists.
Benefits gained from outsourcing include; Cost savings, Flexibility of staffing levels, Elimination of problems associated with full time employees (admin, CCMA contracts), Security (no cash on premises) and Thorough and Professional screening.

On occasion, clients may be uncertain whether a work overflow is going to be of a permanent nature or not, as often temporary positions develop into full time permanent positions, especially during periods of growth in the company life cycle. Under such circumstances, Magnum Consultants will provide its clients with a temporary assignee who will be prepared to accept a full time appointment should the opportunity or need arise.


This is the "traditional" Permanent Service whereby Magnum works closely with clients in the recruiting of staff members for their organizations. We charge a once off fee based on the candidate's annual package, for this service. In order to ensure that the client is satisfied with the assignee, Status Staffing Solutions undertakes to replace the candidate under the guarantee programme.


Magnum Consulting can also do reference check on behalf of the client. In today's difficult market with the supply falling short of the demand it may be very tempting to hire the first person that meets the requirement. But it is very essential that the organization hire the right person so as to avoid any kind of misconduct, dispute or fraud.


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