Magnum Consultants




  Head Hunting  

Our team of dedicated consultants possesses the head-hunting skill to source the right candidate with the right profile within a short span of time to research the industry globally and spot the required talent.


  • Aggressive advertising in prominent job sites and publications to meet urgency and quantity with matching delivery
  • Pre interview, and short listing of candidates at our end to reduce the time cycle.
  • Saves clients' execution time as they invest their time only at the final stage of the process, to approve the selected candidates.
  • Works within a time box to provide dependable support for our clients


  • Growing database of professionals with regular updates to maintain relevance and suitability.
  • In addition to the CVs recorded by mail and online, we have more than 500 walk-ins on a monthly basis and over 1000 resumes received daily.
  • Thorough screening and validation of candidates eliminates non-serious applicants, saving on clients’ precious time.
  • Effective communication, outstanding quality and integrity enables  Magnum Consultants to maintain and build a network especially appropriate for Senior Executive Searches.


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